Wabi-Sabi (seconds) Sale 2020

Wabi-Sabi (seconds) Sale 2020 (updated on 7/2/20)

Thank you for your interest!

This year, due to changing realities, we’ll take a different approach. With your safety in mind, the following protocols will allow us to juggle the sale while respecting Los Angeles County guidelines, cutting down on wait times and long lines (though that is part of the fun) and allow us to work in the afternoons …

On the day of the sale, you must bring your confirmation email.

SAFETY PROTOCOLS: Wearing a mask or scarf (your own) will be required at all times during the sale. Staff will be wearing masks as well. Crates will be cleaned using UV light, alcohol or sanitizing spray. We will have hand-sanitizer but you will have to bring your own mask. Hand-sanitizer will be provided and required to use prior to entering the tent and touching our wares. 

DATES OF THE EVENT: Monday August 3, 2020 until Tuesday August 11, 2020 

To make sure there is enough for everyone, we decided to cut the sale short to make it short and sweet ... if we have more ceramics left, we'll announce more days on Instagram w/ pics based on what there is left.

FYI - We only accepted 6 people per hour

LOCATION: In the shared parking lot of our studio 326 W 58th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90037

PARKING: We recommend sharing a ride (we know … catch 22) to avoid parking pains.
However, street parking is available on 58th, 57th, Grand, and Broadway.
Park at your own risk - we are not responsible for any theft or damage.

WHAT IF I’M LATE? Please be here on time. Strict cut-off time will be 20 minutes past the hour. Example: If your time slot is at 9am, we will not let anyone else in past 9:20 am to give you plenty of space and time to select, pay and pack before 9:55 am rolls around at which time we will ask that you kindly exit the premises to allow the next group in.

WALK-INS: No walk-ins allowed. We will not let anyone one inside unless you are on the list and for that time slot (this year only) …. We haaaaaate having to do this!!!

PAYMENTS: For security and sanitary reasons, we will only accept credit cards or Venmo (@humbleceramics). Venmo is preferred because it limits the handling of the cards. NO CASH

PACKING: This year, please keep your crates in the car … We will provide boxes and packing supplies.

EXITING: In order to let the next scheduled group of guests in on time, we ask that you be in line to pay no later than 40 minutes past the hour, giving you time to pack and respectfully exit the premises 5 minutes before the next hour rolls up.

SUPPORTING THE VOICES OF OUR COMMUNITIES: We will be donating 10% from the proceeds of the Wabi-Sabi sale to www.kpfk.org 

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. 

We look forward to seeing you then.