Luxury Redefined
Artisanal pottery made with mindfulness in South Los Angeles
We don't do perfect!
If you love Humble Ceramics, you embrace the flaws and imperfections
Raise Your frequency
Creating a matrix of healing for the planet


We don't do perfect! 

This obsession with perfection has got to stop!
It is bad for business and especially bad for the environment!
The imperfections are proof that your pieces are unique and man-made - no other piece will have that same exact trait of character!

If you love Humble Ceramics, you embrace the possible flaws and imperfections!

We are streamlining and are reducing our inventory so that we may become more efficient ...
please assume we are no longer making an item unless
you are buying from the Stillness Collection or FS Collection in Greystone/Snow White ...
Designer Bowls and Alder tumblers.

We assume the right to change at any time ...
we are a work in progress and will pivot as needed based on our current realities.

Thank you for being part of our journey


"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler" - Albert Einstein

Sandstone/Snow White

" Dressed in a coat of white stillness, the snow-covered dunes echo in silence " - Delphine Lippens


HOSPITALITY ?? Let's talks

We love the hospitality industry and would love to work with you!


WABI-SABI (seconds) sale 2020


August 3  - 11
Registration Required
This year, no walk-ins allowed - please bring confirmation email with you !!!
Click here for more info.