About our team

January 1, 2024

Thanks for your curiosity.

Once, at its peak, we were 12 elves
(plus countless independent contractors)
and now, we are down to 2 (yours truly and one assistant).
After a tumultuous decade of never quite lifting off,
always questioning and in search of my higher self,
after delving into my own personal Human Design
(Reflector 6/2 Role Model /Hermit
Born in Brussels, Belgium at 2:42pm on June 19, 1969)
and finally getting an in-depth reading for the year ahead;
it is just not my destiny to have a business with employees.

I am now choosing to live more aligned with my design which,
after multiple readings, has confirmed my beliefs,
my inner thoughts and gut feelings (often ignored).
Human Designm has also shown me that
I am basically just a program in an organic life form.
To think that my talent is mine is not true;
it is an amalgamation of experiences yes,
but also a gift from above and part of my program.
I just give it a shape through my lens
and maybe that's how I "flavor" and express the part that is me.

Destined to create mostly on my own, or hiring per project:
as of January 1, 2024 I am re-calibrating my life,
what Humble Ceramics was vs is becoming ...
not knowing if I will continue or how, what the future will look like etc ...
Who knows! It's OK not to know!
I might change my mind another million times and pivot again and again.
But I want to be even more present
and live a life that is more aligned with my personality with more joy,
to create art and curate spaces with intention and meaning
but also never loose the spiritual and metaphysical aspect of it all.

What would I do if I had more time?
Take my time!!!

I am shedding, purging, detoxing, letting go of the past.
Now that my father has passed (Nov. 6, 2023) I have closed a loop.
No more parents. Ultimate freedom. Ultimate gratitude to them.
Sadness, Joy, Grief, Happiness, Relief ...
Thank you to everyone who has worked with me
for a day or longer good or bad thank you for being part of my journey,
for being a mirror, a guide, a mentor, a teacher.

I wish you the best!