Greystone/English Ash Rose


    " More varied than any landscape was the landscape in the sky,
    with islands of gold and silver, peninsulas of apricot and rose
    against a background of many shades of pinks and blush. " 
    - Cecil Beaton

    This glaze has as many variations as a bag of pink river rocks or pre-sunset clouds on a stormy day.

    Variations will vary from light purple to the brightest pink and everything in between.
    DO NOT BUY based on the "idea" of the color or a picture you saw on Instagram …
    please take a look at the Greystone/English Rose Collection
    and select a few different shapes to see the range of variations that exist in this glaze
    which can go from matte to shiny, purple to pink to blush …
    This particular glaze will almost NEVER be uniform, especially not on bowls and plates.
    Some might see the glazing as "blotchy",
    but we see the beauty of a unique result that is in harmony with nature!
    If you want a perfect, consistent, smooth and uniform color, it is not the color for you.
    If you love the variations you would find in the petals of an English Ash Rose or a pink nebula,
    then this glaze is for you.

    17 products

    17 products