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Created by Belgian-born Los Angeles-based artist Delphine Lippens, Humble Ceramics was born in the summer of 2010 after taking a six-week summer course with a friend, and bloomed into an official business in 2014.  What you see today is the evolution of an exploration in clay (and business) ...

Humble Ceramics is about polarity, the beauty of opposites and the magic that happens in between.  As a Gemini with two strong dueling personalities, there is a constant search for balance and harmony; a bridge of peace if you like, in the space/time continuum of experiences.  That is why the work is both rustic and modern, timeless and new, familiar yet fresh, discreetly beautiful, quietly powerful with clean lines, well-defined boundaries and complex simplicity: ... the work is not this OR that, but this AND that ... and is the perfect metaphor for Delphine herself! 

In Human Design, Delphine is a reflector 6/2 Role Model / Hermit ... Humble Ceramics is part of that search for physical enlightenment through form. Increasing our capacity for life through mindfully-made objects; physical manifestations of Delphine's creative expression ... fusing beauty, practicality, quantum and vibratory dynamics with eco and social awareness rooted in philanthropy.

What if an object could ground you as you hold it?  What if an object had the ability to shift your consciousness into the now, like a stolen zen moment in the everyday race against time & doing versus being & experiencing?  What if that very object connected you to the cosmos and all that is invisible/ethereal, such as the elements, time, energy, frequency, presence and the mystical?  What if this same object raised the frequency of its surroundings and everything that came in contact with it, including you? 

The work of Humble Ceramics is transcendental.  Using our pieces create a multi-sensorial experience with the intention of forming a matrix of healing for the planet. Planetary healing through beauty.  Because when you heal, we all heal! 

Because they cannot be duplicated, what one might perceive as "imperfections" are actually gifts from above - a "God-laboration*" of some sort.  It is because of that very alchemy between the physical and intangible that some cultures place a higher value on those "flawed" pieces.  At Humble Ceramics we don't do perfect!  To love our work is to love and embrace those certain subtle, intriguing and occasional imperfections, which are an intrinsic part of the artisanal process, making each piece distinctly unique and more beautiful. In essence, you are buying a piece of art!
*God as you understand it/him/her/they ... 



The Fat Jewish once observed  ... "a tattoo sleeve used to mean you were a biker who would kill, now it means you are a chef who makes a lovely pork belly with balsamic drizzle".  As a fan of pork, chefs and tattoos ... our work is meant to inspire both chefs and foodies alike.

Great design is about simplicity so that life may shine around it.

- Delphine Lippens | Founder of Humble Ceramics Inc


See more of Delphine's personal work here https://www.delphinelippens.com