Wabi-Sabi / Seconds

Hellooo and thanks for your interest!
Our annual Wabi-Sabi / seconds sale takes place every August
in the parking lot of our studio here in South Los Angeles.
If you would like to be notified,
please add your name to our mailing list,
via the pop-up on the website or in the footer where there is a sign-in section.
If you contact us through the official CONTACT US form,
please make sure you include the words "Wabi-Sabi"
so that we know it is not spam.
About 2 month before the event, we'll announce it via email
and those subscribed will get first dibs on the registration times/dates.
In 2020, due to Covid, we had to change the format of our sale,
but since it worked so well, we might keep it the same moving forward.
Hope to see you there!