WANTED: Ceramics Production Mold Maker


Ceramics Production Mold Maker



We are a small women-owned and operated ceramics tableware micro-manufacturer based in South Los Angeles, and we are looking for a ceramics production mold maker who has at least 3 years of experience making models, working molds and master molds for all aspects of ceramics production including Ram-Pressing, Jigger/Jollying, Hump, and Slip-casting. The results must be extremely precise, clean and consistent. This is a gig job and if we are happy with the results, it will be an ongoing relationship.


*Must be familiar with all aspects of mold making in ceramics production and have samples to bring
*Must know how to mix plaster properly
*Must know how to operate a RamPress, Jigger/Jolly and various Wheels
*Must be comfortable working with and taking direction from women

*Must have all proper paperwork and a valid photo ID for onboarding
*Must have a degree from a University or minimum 3 years of experience in Ceramics Production

We do not have a mold working area so you will have to work from a temporary station outside which we can create when you come.

If interested, please tell us why you would be a good fit and email us your resume with pictures of your molds: office@humbleceramics.com