Greystone/Yellow Jade

    " An invisible choreographer
    Directing stalks of flowering flax to bend to its will
    Caressing crops
    With the tenderness of a mother’s hand
    Golden rays flickering in the light
    As the stems dance from left to right 
    Like a row of ballerinas perfectly aligned
    Waving their hands in the air
    To the rhythm of the elements ...
    The wind is not only music
    It is also the conductor of this moment "
    - Delphine Lippens

    Inspired by fall and the changing color leaves,
    this is also the color of certain river rocks, quartz, and yellow jade.
    This color reminds me of the wheat fields in the Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

    Yellow is the color of the solar plexus, the center of our being.
    This shade of yellow is soothing, warm and cool at the same, and will not compete with nature, or the colors of the foods, as you enjoy them.

    This glaze is matte and can have slight pink or green hues depending on the firing.

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