B. L. M.

June 8, 2020

Though Humble Ceramics has not been very vocal these past few weeks, we have been listening, observing, trying to digest and juggle all that has been happening, from the uprisings to COVID-19 to juggling a business that has been almost at a standstill since March 15, 2020.  Michelle Obama said so elegantly “I am exhausted from a heartbreak that seems to never stop” … indeed!  Our hearts go out to George Floyd’s family, community and to ALL the families and friends of the black & brown men & women who were treated inhumanely and/or whose lives have been lost through violence.  Not just in America, but all over the world.  We not only support Black Lives Matter, but also Brown Lives Matter, LGBTQIA Lives Matter, Refugee Lives Matter, Immigrant Lives Matter, Indigenous Lives Matter, Muslim Lives Matter, etc … and we stand in solidarity with all!

We didn’t feel comfortable posting on Instagram lately and suggesting anyone buy from us when the world is upside down and yet, Humble Ceramics is a business and needs money to survive so that we may continue to help those around us, as we have since 2014. We are rooted in the heart of a black and brown community known as South Central Los Angeles; we create jobs and donate when we can to organizations that support those who have less than us.*  We are woman-owned and operated, and are proud to say that even if it was not always the case, ALL of our employees are considered of “color” (though it is horrifying having to say that because it is utterly irrelevant to the amazing women that they are - who happen to be black and brown ...). 

We all have a responsibility to support under-served communities in one way or another … and that is why we have been involved with and/or supported KPFK since 2002 because it is the only place on the radio that shares voices from the global community and has the courage to speak about the unspeakable, is solutions-oriented and empowers its listeners with resources so often suppressed. 

It’s time to decolonize our minds!  What if your mother is white, your father is black and your brother is a police officer?  Then what?  What if your best friend is an officer who is kind, fair and respectful to his/her community?  Nothing is black or white (pun intended).  Asking people to pick one side of the narrative is just as dangerous as racism and other divides that have been so destructive to the very communities that are working so hard on forgiving, healing, rebuilding and moving forward with grace and courage.  We all have a role to play in this new paradigm shift and we are hopeful for the future.  At the end of the day, there is only one race: the human race.

Our hearts also go out to all who lost a job or a business during these challenging times.


~ ~ ~


North is the new South
South is the new North
Self-care is the new selfish
Selfish is the new self-care
Conspiracy is the new common sense
Common sense is the new conspiracy
TV comedy is the new truth
TV "truth" in the new comedy

Outside is the new inside
Inside is the new outside
Luxury is the new simplicity
Simplicity is the new luxury
Black is the new White
White is the new Black
As above so below
From grassroots to underground
So below will rise above!


~ ~ ~


If you are familiar with the work of Hans Jenny, and the visualization of sound, one can see that every time we change frequency, a mandala dis-organizes before it can reorganize into a new pattern.  The chaos we are experiencing now represents an old frequency that is no longer working and must dis-organize (chaos) before it can reorganize itself into a new pattern.  Don't lose hope, birth is always painful … and yet, imagine the possibilities!


When you buy from Humble Ceramics, that is what you are supporting!


~ Creating a matrix of healing for the planet ~ 





*You can see the list of non-profits we have contributed to since 2014, and for some, as far back as 2001:  https://humbleceramics.com/pages/giving-back