Environmental Impact

  • 100% of our electricity comes from clean resources (wind & solar) via Arcadia Power
  • We use biodegradable packaging (and making the move to convert to fully recycled AND compostable!!!).
  • We minimize the amount of packaging materials we use (from size to quantity)
  • When shipping over the equator, and peanuts are required, we use recycled peanuts (we're stepping away from that too anytime we can).
  • All UPS shipping is carbon neutral.
  • We use mostly recycled paper products such as Toilet Paper and Paper Towels (sometimes our budget does not allow it 100% but we are working towards that goal)
  • We are mindful of the water we use and have timed faucets and low flush toilets.
  • We do not use hot water (we don't even have a water tank).
  • We use eco-friendly cleaners, soaps and creams.
  • We reuse as many boxes as possible, and the foam peanuts that came with them (it's getting more rare).
  • We use bio-degradable peanuts on all parcel shipments (and sometimes, we'll use ExpandOs).
  • We've eliminated the use peanuts completely on freight shipments.
  • We recycle our batteries, ink cartridges, and all office supplies.
  • Office paper is recycled (30-100%).
  • In production, the corks were sustainably harvested!
  • We support the Eden Project, Kiva and more ...
  • We donate regularly to a variety of organization (refer to GIVING BACK) when we can ...
  • We hire from the community
  • We try to reduce, reuse and recycle as mush as possible.

    There is soooooo much more we need to accomplish, and we're working on it, little by little, and that is just the beginning ...


~ ~ ~



Right now it's just talk, but, as Dr. Randoph Stone (the father of polarity would say) "thoughts influence energy and energy influence matter", so here goes:

  • to be 95%+ sustainable
  • to only work with carbon neutral shipping & freight companies
  • to pay our employees more than a living wage + benefits and have the ability to contribute to their 401K
  • to donate 1% of our gross sale to one percent for the planet
  • to become a B-certified company
  • to get our certification as a Woman-Owned and operated business
  • to hire from programs such as INVEST or the Downtown Women's Center
  • to create a culture of love, kindness and respect for all our employees
  • to raise the frequency of our customers, our vendors, our employee and ourselves
  • to become fully in control of our own production
  • to be able to get better equipment which will allow us to work faster, better and reduce our use of gas and electricity while being faster and more efficient and offer quicker turn arounds.
  • to bring more trees and greenery in South Central
  • etc ...

    ... you get our drift ... we are working to be a force for good, for humanity and the planet which is challenging and kind of hypocritical because to be in business is rarely good for the planet, so we want to be better and do what we can to create a sustainable, long term, ethical and eco-friendly business.

    We have big dreams. Those dreams take time, money and manpower to flourish ... and we are currently operating on a shoestring budget. If you are interested in becoming a guardian angel with no strings attached or a silent investor and believe in the greater good and our potential; please contact delphine.l@humbleceramics.com