Light Workers


In March 2001, the Taliban destroyed the Buddhas of Bamiyan,  strategically located in the central valley of Afghanistan.
After the shock, I suddenly felt a tremendous sense of peace because I could feel there was a bigger picture:

The destruction of the twin Buddhas unleashed their energy into the ether, in a time when the planet needed it most.
That energy is still with us and will be for another 2000 years.
It is that very energy that I tap into when meditating on your pieces before they leave our studio.


Humble Ceramics: Creating a matrix of healing for the planet!

Infused with Bamiyan Buddhas' energy,
the work of Humble Ceramics was first created as sacred vessels and objects
that could hold prayers and healing intentions;
objects that could be buried for 150 years or used in daily rituals,
thereby creating a matrix of healing for the planet and future generations!

The work eventually evolved into the humble bowl, then plate ... 
simple objects that have been used in the space-time continuum of history throughout this planet:
the one object that is found in every culture:
from the Indigenous tribes of the Amazon to the Buddhist Temples of Tibet to the Penthouses of New York to the high-rises of Dubai to the humble Fincas of Ibiza to your home ...

What if an object could ground you as you hold it? 
What if an object had the ability to shift your consciousness into the now,
like a stolen Zen moment 
in the everyday race against time & doing versus being & experiencing?
What if
that very object connected you to the cosmos and all that is invisible/ethereal, 
such as the elements, time, energy, vibration, presence and the mystical? 
What if this same object raised the frequency of its surroundings
and everything that came in contact with it, including you? 

"Thoughts influence energy, energy influences matter"
- Dr. Randolph Stone

If you also look at the work of Dr. Masura Emoto,
we can see the visual representation and impact of positive & negative thoughts on water.
Considering we are made of 50-75% water, why not choose objects that will have a positive impact on our vibration?
Now imagine touching an object made with that consciousness.

Going a step further and using the physical aspect of our work
as a metaphor for who we are as human beings:
the imperfections are not considered flaws;
it is those traits of character that make us unique and charming,
so let's learn to embrace and fall in love with them
with tenderness, acceptance and compassion.
May these "flaws" be a gentle reflection of our own.

 May our work ground you and make you more awake and aware!
May the work bring you joy, harmony and peace!
May it inspire you to be your true self
and open a pathway for your dormant, suppressed or ignored gifts
humanity needs now more than ever.
May it also give you permission to accept and love what is not perfect
and look at the material/physical plane with a new perception.

Every time you touch our work,
ask source to purify your energy and take back all the energies that don’t belong to you
so that you may be grounded, protected, and soul-oriented as opposed to ego-oriented.

The work of Humble Ceramics is transcendental. 
Using our work creates a multi-sensory experience
with the intention of forming a matrix of healing for the planet.
Planetary healing through beauty.
Because when you heal, we all heal!