Sandstone/Snow White

" Dressed in a coat of white stillness, 
the snow-covered dunes echo in silence "
- Delphine Lippens

Inspired by fallen snow on the Saharan desert. 

A warm combination that goes well with most light and medium woods, carrera and other light marbles, woven baskets, sisal and seagrass floor coverings, and brass ... This glaze is reactive and will have some variations from dark to light (mostly light) ... It is not as strong as the Greystone and not recommended for hospitality.

Also reminiscent of freckles, there are extreme variations between firings. It is especially noticeable in Stillness SOS and plates.
If a firing comes out extra extra dark, we will post and tag it DARK FRECKLES as a separate product.


23 products

23 products