Humble Ceramics 1.0 is shutting down its production studio in South Los Angeles

Los Angeles, July 28, 2023

It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to shut down our production studio in South Los Angeles. We have decided to pivot and reinvent ourselves: so stay tuned for Humble Ceramics 2.0. Sometimes, life gives you too many signs & red flags to ignore, forcing us to reassess, giving us an opportunity to to change direction (or get back on track) which [in essence] will lead us closer to our original goal.

We are grateful for your business & support all these years! What an incredible [spiritual] journey - Holy crap!  Thank you to our incredible team (past & present), our contractors, vendors, suppliers, customers, the community whose support has meant the world to us and made us who we are today.

The online store will continue to operate until everything we've glazed is sold (we still have a lot of bisque we will fire around town so you might see us a month here, a month there ...) Local stores can still order from us and pick from our relocated stockroom.

We are selling all our equipment, kiln, tools, racks, shelves, crates, etc ... and yes - we will be doing a Wabi-Sabi / seconds sale (no dates yet). More to be announced.

It is in the struggle the caterpillar experiences breaking out of the chrysalis that is builds the strength and resilience it will need to flap its wings once it becomes a butterfly. So, if this chapter was the caterpillar phase, we are looking forward to becoming the butterfly we are meant to be!

To be continued ...



PS: Here is the link to the items we are selling, and in what order ...

Please email us at for any questions regarding this sale.