F.A.Q. Orders & Shipping & Care

I've just placed my order, now what?
Thank you for your order! We are so excited and can't wait for you to start using the piece(s) in your home or business.

When will you pack it?
As we are a small crew and each person wears many many hats ... it might take us up to 5 days just to process and pack you order (depending on the flow that week and what needs to be done such as loading or unloading the kiln, sanding, throwing, trimming, glazing, etc ...).

So when will it ship?
Once your order is packed, then only do we print the label. Once the label is printed, you order will be dropped off within a day or two (weekday) at the nearest post office or UPS station ...  we will not process orders on the week-ends unlike Amazon. If you order is dropped off on a Friday, it will probably not get shipped until the following Monday.

Will I get a tracking number?
Of course! Once the label is printed, you will be immediately notified and receive an email with your tracking number. If you need it again, don't hesitate to reach out and we can retrieve it for you easily.

Shipping took longer than the option I selected, what gives?
We know, that sucks! Just because you select 2-day shipping does not mean you will get your order in 2 days. We still need to process, pack and drop off your precious cargo and that might take a few days pre-shipping. The 2-day shipping (as an example) is from the day AFTER your order gets dropped off at the shipping place ... We are not Amazon!

I received my order and I love it!
Great! We love to hear that! May it bring you joy for years to come!

I received my order and I don't like it, can I return or exchange it?
Bummer ;(
We actually do not accept returns or exchanges. All purchases are final. But we have no doubt someone in your entourage would love to receive it as a gift when the right occasions comes up ;)

There is mistake with my order and I received the wrong color or amount.
That is very rare ... but please contact us directly info@humbleceramics.com so that we may address and correct the issue.

There is a flaw on my piece.
Yes - that is very probable and what makes each piece unique and full of character. We don't do perfect; to love our work is to embrace those occasional flaws. Sometimes, there might be an iron stain, a micro fissure in the base or a tiny hole ... it is part of the lottery ... 

But I've bought your work before and it was perfect!
That is very possible ... lucky you. We are not Ikea ... these flaws that you see are what connects us to our humanity! Give yourself a chance to fall in love with them. They will not weaken or hinder the practicality of the piece.

Other companies don't think like that.
We hear you. Good for them. We are not like the others ... Isn't that what intrigued and drew you to us in the first place?

If there is a flaw in my piece, isn't that considered "seconds"?
Not at Humble Ceramics. If you expect that level of perfection from us, we would not be in business or we would have to charge triple what we currently do.

So what is considered "seconds"?
If you piece is truly cracked (not a fissure), chipped, or has a dent, too runny glaze, or exaggerated warping on plates ... 

Do you ever do a seconds sale?
Yes! on the fourth Saturday of August ... though with COVID-19, we are not sure what we'll do this year ... 

Here at the studio in Los Angeles.
We give out the address closer to the date of the event (usually on Instagram)

Can I buy seconds online?
No. It is in-person only. The prices are so low that we just do not have the manpower to do those online. 

So how do I care for my pieces?
Use them with love! Just don't drop them! You put them in he dishwasher ... and maybe once a year, oil them wit food safe unscented butcher block  mineral oil to seal the stone. The brownstone is especially receptive to that treatment! On the Greystone, it prevents the unglazed parts from staining. Sandstone is not hugely affected by this process, but you can still do it if you like, it won't hurt.

Is my piece oven safe?
NO. We do not recommend microwave as it will speed up the naturally occurring crazing (crackling) in the glaze. And we do not recommend baking in them because if the food spills over and gets baked into the unglazed part of the stoneware, it will be difficult to remove.

Can I cook in it if I put it on low heat?
We don't recommend it but if you do, experiment at your own risk! If you do (for the stuborn iconoclasts) make sure you use a diffuser if using gas .... and heat very slowly!!! But our work is not created to be baked or cooked in ... matte glazed will stain if you do.

Is it dishwasher safe?
Yes. I use (seconds) in my own dishwasher on a daily basis and have noticed that the Greystone is strong and stable. Brownstone & Sandstone are not so dense so they might break down after years of machine dishwashing ...

Anything else I should know?
DO NOT SOAK the work!

I accidentally chipped my favorite bowl, can you repair it?
Sadly, no.

I heard you can freeze the work? What's the point?
If you like drinking vodka, ice tea, beer or whatever you like out of a really reaaalllly cold container, we have heard that many of you have been doing this  for years ... so we're just passing on the info. And apparently, the cup or tumbler will not bleed on your table (unlike glass).

For additional questions and feedback, please contact us at info@humbleceramics.com