Stillness Plate | 11" | Brownstone/Midnight Glow


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11" Diameter *
* All measurements are approximate and will vary from piece to piece. 

This plate is truly the result of an exploration in clay. The very first piece I ever made/glazed reminded me of a frozen lake and how the stillness of that landscape made me feel. Strangely familiar and comforting, that image brought me joy as I found myself calming and recalibrating at the thought of it. Clean cloudless sky, clean air, silence, perfect soothing late afternoon light, crisp temperatures, the purity of the snow and total stillness! When naming this plate (and now the series), it was a conscious decision: it was and is important that any time we say or think that word, we experience a moment of stillness in our various systems and auras ... that we connect to the energy and vibration of what "stillness" means to us. This plate has become iconic for Humble Ceramics, it is a classic that will never go out of style. You can also use the plates as a serving tray for that amazing quiche, tart or cake you love ... or .... the possibilities are endless!

Price for 1 unit | Accessories, if pictured, sold separately

Made with mindfulness in South Los Angeles 
Dishwasher/Sanitizer safe 
Not recommended: oven, microwave
DO NOT soak!
Stacking: 12 max.

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Each piece is unique and might have some size / clay / glaze variations such as specs, beauty marks, little pin holes, tiny craters (like travertine or marble), some barely visible micro fissures (which do not affect the strength or durability of the piece), crackling glaze and some warping which is part of the artisanal nature of our process and part of the outcome.

Please contact us if you would like to order larger quantities. We might have them in various stages of production and available soon, we might need to glaze them, or we might be making a new batch … you never know!

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