" If the present is the future of yesterday,
Then stone is time compressed into physical matter
Encapsulating the memories of its planet "
- Delphine Lippens

This clay is reminiscent of some of the greatest monuments across our planet;
the pyramids of Giza, the pyramids of Teotihuacan, Machu Pichu,
the statues of Easter Island, the Great Wall of China, The Colloseum, El Mirador, Chand Baori,
Stonehenge, Anghor, the great cathedrals of the world ... and so many more
(above and below ground, on land and in the sea) ...
all made of stone!

Greystone is an ode to those extraordinary places and the feelings of awe and mystery they command.
To eat out of a stone object is a way to connect, in an indirect way, to all those civilizations, at the same time!
This humble material, so hard, so durable, and fragile at the same time ...
is the reason it evokes something profound when used:
it vibrates at a higher frequency.

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