Remove the word selfish from your vocabulary
and replace it with selfcare!

Selfcare represents all the little things we do for ourselves
that make us feel better, grounded, aligned, relaxed.
Selfcare allows us to take a moment and re-calibrate.
Selfcare will be different for each of you.
And Shungite is one of a thousand and one ways ...

We invite you to search the web
and do your own research on the countless benefits of [real] Shungite*
and how they may apply to you.

We use it for as EMF protection for us, for the bees,
sprinkled in nature, and to activate water.

We do not make any claims - to each their own ...
Find what works for YOU!

*The Shungite we source comes from the Zazhoginsky mine
in the Karelia Republic of Russia.

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1 product