STILLNESS COLLECTION in Greystone/Snow White


Our best seller! An instant and timeless classic!

The Stillness Collection started with a single plate that reminded me of a frozen lake and how the stillness of that landscape made me feel.
Strangely familiar and comforting, that image brought joy as I found myself calming and recalibrating at the very thought of it.
The thought of it transported me into a pure and untouched landscape
with clean cloudless sky, clean air, complete silence, soothing late afternoon light,
crisp temperatures, the purity of the snow and total stillness!
There is such stillness in snow!

When naming this plate (and now the series), it came from a conscious decision:
it is important that any time we say or think the word STILLNESS 
we experience a moment of serenity in our various systems and auras ...
that we connect to the energy and vibration of what "stillness" means to us.

2 products

2 products