Terms and Conditions

WELCOME and thank you for visiting our site; we are delighted you're considering purchasing one of our pieces. Before you do, please read below so that you know what is what and how we roll - all cards on the table so that you may make an informed decision when buying from us.


"If the delivery address is outside of the US, you may be required to pay additional customs duties and taxes upon receipt of your order. These charges are not included in the item prices or shipping costs. They are levied by your country's customs department and are the responsibility of the customer. We recommend checking with your local customs office for more information."


When placing your order, you understand that we don't do perfect: if you love Humble Ceramics, you love and embrace those tiny imperfections. We cannot live up to the expectations you have in your mind! The work is as is and is a metaphor for who we are as human beings: flawed, full of character, unique and beautiful.

We only post limited units at a time, so please contact us if you would like to order larger quantities. We might have them in stock, we might have some in production, we might just need to glaze them, or we might be making a new batch …

On this site, we will only post what we actually have ready to ship so product availability will vary based on our production.

We are streamlining and are reducing our inventory so that we may become more efficient ... please assume we are no longer making an item unless
you are buying from the Stillness Collection or FS Collection in Greystone/Snow White ... Designer Bowls and Alder tumblers. Never assume we can make more of an item, so if that is a concern, please contact us before you buy.

Not that we foresee this happening, but it is possible that one day there might be an oversight on stock quantities and we oversell an item. If that is the case, we will contact you immediately at which time you will have the option to cancel your order and get a full refund.

After email approval from Delphine, if placing an order for something that is sold-out on the site, but we'll make more of, timing would be as followed:

LEAD TIMES * (approximate) * this does not include shipping
We do not have a set schedule at this time, so your order will be packed based on the flow of the studio and other orders. It my be packed anywhere between 1 to 7 days.

We make no guarantees in terms of timing.
We are a small studio with an even smaller team wearing multiple hats.
Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

PIECES ARE AS IS AND MIGHT CONTAIN OCCASIONAL FLAWS. Your piece might have a micro fissure, some crackling in the glaze, craters, little holes, pin holes .... Many similar "flaws" as one might find in river rocks.  None of these so-called "imperfections" will affect the beauty, functionality or long term strength of the piece.

AREN'T THESE CONSIDERED SECONDS? No! If you expect that level of perfection, we would not be in business! We cannot live up to the expectation you have of us in your mind. This obsession with perfection has got to stop! It is bad for business and especially bad for the environment! The imperfections are proof that your pieces are unique and man-made - no other piece will have that same exact trait of character!

If you love Humble Ceramics, you embrace the possible flaws and imperfections!

HOWEVER, IF YOUR ORDER IS DAMAGED: cracked, chipped or broken when it arrives, please contact us within 48 hours with pictures of the items and the box(es) (6 sides exterior + interior packaging).

We hope you love your order. All Humble Ceramics work is made in Los Angeles and will ship from our studio. All sales are final. If you have an issue with your order such as wrong color or incorrect number of pieces were shipped, please contact us immediately at info@humbleceramics.com 

Orders are final once invoice payment has been made.

We are a small artisanal studio with an even smaller team. Time is of the essence and we cannot be expected to run our business like Amazon and other large corporations that have been around for decades or have the funds and staff to support those types of transactions. Because of that, we invite you to please choose carefully as we will not provide refunds or exchanges if you simply change your mind or make a wrong decision. If that is the case - please gift the items to someone who will love them ;)

Inspection of all products is required on delivery or if the item is picked-up, same day inspection is expected. Notification of any damages or shortages in performance is required within 48 hours to sales@humbleceramics.com. If damages or shortages occur, they will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

If in rare instances, after you have contacted us and we agreed to take back the work under exceptional circumstance, return shipping will be paid by you and shipment must be insured. There will be a 15% restocking fee. You agree to return the goods in their original condition and original packaging to our studio. If failure to do so and damage is incurred in transit, there will be no refunds and you will be responsible to handle any shipping claims on your end if one arises.

NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES under any circumstances will be accepted for one-of-a-kind, limited runs, discontinued items ...

NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES under any circumstance will be accepted for a dissatisfaction with clay, glaze, color, specks, warping, not fully flat bases, imperfections in the stoneware or glazing technique; the presence of such irregularities and subtle imperfections are evidence of the artisanal nature of our work. This must be accepted before the Sale is processed! By placing an order on our site, you accept the terms and conditions.

~ ~ ~


"If the delivery address is outside of the US, you may be required to pay additional customs duties and taxes upon receipt of your order. These charges are not included in the item prices or shipping costs. They are levied by your country's customs department and are the responsibility of the customer. We recommend checking with your local customs office for more information."

On acceptance of an order, we may confirm a general period of shipment or delivery. This is subject to change depending on your destination and any circumstances that are out of the control of Humble Ceramics Inc.

Humble Ceramics Inc and our freight partners accept no liability for any loss or damage if you give authority for the courier to leave your order with a third party or left unattended (location nominated by you).

We reserve the right to charge additional costs for unusual access not advised in writing and if the site is not ready to accept the shipment (parcels or pallets) on the date agreed upon. If you fail to provide us with any appropriate instructions, documents, licenses or authorizations for the delivery to be completed, we reserve the right to invoice you all additional costs that this may incur.

For international deliveries, Humble Ceramics Inc takes no responsibility for any taxes or duties incurred once the goods leave our studio. Shipment and delivery operates between business hours 9am - 5pm from Monday through to Friday and does not include public holidays.

If there are any faults with your purchase on receipt of goods, please make sure to contact us within 48 hours of receiving the order. If damages occur, please take pictures of the box (all 6 sides) before opening, midway as you unpack and of the final product. All shipments will be insured but will need that visual documentation to start the claim process if needed.

Humble Ceramics takes no responsibility and will accept no liability if delivery date is not exact or as promised.




We assume the right to change at any time ... we are a work in progress and will pivot as needed based on our current realities.

For Trade, Hospitality and Wholesale orders, please contact Delphine at B2B@humbleceramics.com