Mudra Vase | 2.5" x 4" | Brownstone/Raw Exterior

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2.5" W x 4" H *
* All dimensions are approximate and will vary form piece to piece.

The Mudra Vase was inspired by the Hakini Mudra. This particular Mudra (unconscious hand gesture all human beings make when communicating with one another) represents a triangle aka the body mind spirit trinity. The Hakini Mudra is said to harmonize  the right and left sides of the brain, promoting calmness and intuition.

The triangle is also a sacred shape that holds tremendous symbolism in cultures across the space-time continuum of this planet. Depending on your journey, the meanings will change, and I encourage you to search what the triangle means for you. 

Price for 1 unit | Accessories pictured sold separately

Made with mindfulness in South Los Angeles 
DO NOT soak!

~ ~ ~

Each piece is unique and might have some size / clay / glaze variations such as specs, beauty marks, little pin holes, tiny craters (like travertine or marble), some barely visible micro fissures (which do not affect the strength or durability of the piece), crackling glaze and some warping which is part of the artisanal nature of our process and part of the outcome.

Please contact us if you would like to order larger quantities. We might have them in various stages of production and available soon, we might need to glaze them, or we might be making a new batch … you never know!

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