Stillness Plate | 8.5" | Sandstone/Pebble Grey

Stillness Plate | 8.5" | Sandstone/Pebble Grey


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" Above an ocean of tears, a stormy sky: reflecting my inner turmoil. Clash of three elements, finding their way to one another, just as body mind spirit; air water sand.  Waves of feelings, crashing onto the shore of life. Waves of confusion, memories, doubts and self-reflection.  Struggling with my incarnation, my inner and hidden lives, foaming with painful emotions, lingering before disappearing, reabsorbed by the granules of time. Bracing for the next cycle. But now, I am ready to let go and receive joy, as the waves wash away my sorrows, just like a ray of sunshine, breaking though the angry sky, hope vibrates in this temporary beam of light, as the clouds of heaviness that weighted upon my heart are lifted and make way for a new experience ... : A new sense of harmony and inner peace reside. Suddenly, in between the brakes, stillness. I can taste the salt of happiness and as the wind caresses my face, I am present, I am grounded. It is delightful and I am grateful. "
- Delphine Lippens

8.5" Diameter *
* All measurements are approximate and will vary from piece to piece. 

This medium sized plate an ideal companion to the dinner plate:  it can be used as a share plate, salad plate, desert plate or mini serving dish.

This particular color was unexpected and not what we planned so we only have a few from this batch!

Price for 1 unit | Accessories, if pictured, sold separately

Made with mindfulness in South Los Angeles 
Dishwasher/Sanitizer safe 
Not recommended: oven, microwave
DO NOT soak!
Stacking: 12 max.

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Each piece is unique and might have some size / clay / glaze variations such as specs, beauty marks, little pin holes, tiny craters (like travertine or marble), some barely visible micro fissures (which do not affect the strength or durability of the piece), crackling glaze and some warping which is part of the artisanal nature of our process and part of the outcome.

Please contact us if you would like to order larger quantities. We might have them in various stages of production and available soon, we might need to glaze them, or we might be making a new batch … you never know!

For wholesale, trade and hospitality accounts, please contact us.