WANTED: Studio Technician


Studio Technician


We are looking for someone to join our team of elves and ...

* Support streamlined operations and overall maintenance of our studio (keep it tidy & organized).
* Maintain and manage the kiln shelves & posts in good working condition, loading, firing and unloading the kiln, clean the burners on a regular basis, keep track of firings for each oxygen probe, remove dust from the UPS Battery and kiln damper amongst other things ...
* Maintain compliance with established safety policies & procedures (change filters, check eyewash station, makes sure first aid supplies are full, etc ...)
* Ensure that equipment and facilities are clean (change towels and Aprons on a weekly basis or as needed, prepare hamper, empty trash, make sure there are janitorial and hygiene supplies at all times.
* Maintain helpful, friendly demeanor at all times with the team, the other businesses, vendors, contractors, and any one who comes to the studio even if they are not here to see us (we share the space with another business).
* Keep the flow and direct fellow elves on production task priorities
* Handle all works in a proper and careful manner.
* Monitors and maintains inventory levels of studio supplies and/or equipment.
* Keep a detailed inventory list of pieces in production (thrown, pressed, jiggered, hand thrown), green ware, bisque, clay, raw materials, tools, filters, liquid glazes, etc ...
* Organize and consolidate racks & crates of wares (green, leather hard, glazed, bisque, etc ...)
* Sanding greenware (sometimes), glazed ware ...
* Recycle Clay (using pugger)
And anything that might come up around the operations of a studio ... (you'll never get bored).
* Trimming some thrown pieces.
* Trimming pressed pieces.


  • Have excellent interpersonal and customer service skills
  • Able to lift 30 lb + without accommodations
  • Have a working phone that can handle the app “Slack”
  • Can physically wear a mask all day
  • Can stand for long periods of time
  • Can walk-up and down a flight of stairs with ease a few times a day
  • Work in very hot and very cold conditions (this is a warehouse)
  • Accept direction from other women
  • Have the ability to pick up easily after being interrupted
  • Good at working with your hands and with small power & air tools
  • Have great eye/hand coordination
  • Good in dusty & noisy environment
  • Must have attention to detail, methodical and logical
  • Have a positive attitude, patience and respectful to all
  • Must be resilient and have a curious mind with a willingness to learn
  • Able to switch tasks quickly aka adaptable VERY IMPORTANT
  • Must be respectful and supportive of other women
  • Punctual and reliable
  • A great communicator
  • Must be street smart !!!
  • Leave your ego and attitude at the door and be ready to work
  • You must have all proper paperwork for on-boarding including a valid photo ID

    You will also help us during the annual seconds sale (setting up, pricing, unpacking, process orders, take payments, pack ... whatever need to be done)

    The Studio Technician Required Qualifications

    - Bachelor’s degree (preferably in Fine Arts or related field) or combined experience/education as substitute for minimum education.

    - A minimum of 2 years work experience in a lab/shop/studio environment is required.

    Preferred Qualifications
    * Experience with kiln loading and firing Cone 10 Gas Reduction
    * Experience with making 5 Gallon batches of glaze
    * Experience with glazing bisque ware
    * Ability to jump from station to station if needed
    * Experience throwing & trimming (on the wheel)

    Full Time
    $19 - $22 per hour based on experience

    Please tell us a little about you and send your resume at office@humbleceramics.com